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Eleanor competes at Junior Level and is currently based at IceSheffield, coached  by Dawn Peckett and PJ Hallam.  

Eleanor has been skating since she was 5 years old, and currently trains 12-14 hours per week. She has been a member of the Talent Development Squad, as well as being a member of the International Development Squad, Regional Development Pathway Team (RDPT) and Regional Development 2. She has represented Great Britain and has also appeared with the cast of Disney on Ice. 

Eleanor's original home club was the National Ice Centre in Nottingham, where she was a member of the Ice Skating Academy. She then trained for two years at Peterborough before moving to her current rink. Eleanor's favourite skaters are Midori Ito and Tara Lipinski and her ambition is to perform with Disney on Ice and then become a full time coach, following the end of her competitive career. If you're interested in sponsoring Eleanor or have any further questions, please contact her via the e-mail address shown on this page.  

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